As many as 22 US soldiers are committing suicide daily and

1 in 3 returning soldiers are diagnosed with

PTSD as well as a myriad of physical and invisible injuries.


Veterans & Dogs


Saturdays at 11:00. $20 collar. No other costs for training.

Advanced class at 1:00.

Watch Facebook for announcements or call ahead if you have questions 573-300-3129.

Veterans join us weekly to learn the basics of dog care, shaping, leash handling, communicating, etc. During this learning process, the soft skills are equally important to the individual: patience, consistency, enthusiasm, motivation and interaction. Sometimes, getting out of the house is a struggle but knowing that a friend is waiting for you makes all the difference. And sometimes, you are ready to have fun with your dog.




  • Classes are held year-round. Occasionally classes are moved or canceled, call 573-300-3129 to confirm.  

  • You do not have to own a dog to start. However, when the time is right to bring your own dog to class, any dog is suitable: big, small, mutt, pure-breed, rescue or purchased.

  • All dogs must be evaluated for temperament. Older pets are accepted.

  • Don't worry about your physical abilities.

  • Classes are free, conducted at SEMO Dog Trainers facility near Fisk, MO.

  • Family members are invited to attend.


1. Everything starts with basic onleash obedience.

2. AKC CGC award. You will work towards passing this evaluation.

3. Advanced commands and public socialization.

4. Public Access Test.

5. Advanced Classes.

While other activities are included and you can attend for as long as you want, these are the steps we strive to achieve with you and your dog.

Family Members Are Welcome