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Boarding $15.00.


Board and Train $400.00 for 10 days, includes two free follow-up lessons. Commands include heel with auto sit, sit-stay, sit in motion, climb and come. If time allows we will include down command, if not then it will be covered during your two free follow-up lessons.


For all boarding you must bring shot record and a certificate of rabies vaccination from veterinarian and food. If you are not a Missouri resident, you will also need a health certificate per USDA law. You may choose to bring bedding, toys and treats. We play and exercise with our boarding friends throughout the day. If there's anything special we can do, please let us know how we can make your dog's stay more enjoyable.


Or you can choose the private lesson, once a week $30.00. You can bring family members to participate and learn too. The basic on leash lessons usually last about five weeks, depending on how much you practice at home. These lessons allow us to get to know you and your needs a little better and we may be able to help with behavioral problems.

Our goal with all training is to show you how to use training in your everyday life--obedience is not just for walking! Use it indoors and outside, learn to live more comfortably with your pup. When you are finished with basic commands, you can choose from any of our advanced classes which include Trick Dog and Agility, too.

Shot records from veterinarians are required for all our canine guests. 

Your vet will gladly prepare a copy for you. Thank you!

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