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The Foundation for Success is
Obedience Training
Private and Group Classes

All dogs start in a private setting with a personal trainer. We gaurantee our basic onleash obedience because we are confident that individual attention makes all the difference. Once you have completed the Basics, you can join a group class to enjoy the company of others who share the same passion for their dogs.




Agility for Fun or Competition


  • Fundamentals

  • Indoor and Outdoor Obstacle Courses

  • Handler Coaching

  • Competition Prep

Scent Detection


  • Narcotics: Methamphetamine - Cocain - Heroin - Marijuana

  • Sheds - Deer Antler

  • Explosives/Gun powder

  • Bed Bugs

  • Human




  • BH

  • Schutzhund II

  • Tracking

  • Sleeve work

  • Retrieval



Obedience and Conformation Trial

Precision training for competition, coaching at each level.

Boarding and Training

One week, basic onleash commands, with the "Place" command too. Two free follow-up lessons included. When you are ready, bring your dog back for advanced and specialized training. 


Off Leash Training

Your next step is either off leash training or choose to start a recreational sport like agility of AKC trials.

Boarding and Doggie Day Care


Our guests receive lots of love and attention! Indoor climate-controlled facility with attached play yard. Bring a shot record, your own food, bedding and toys. We play with the dogs regularly throughout the day and tuck them in safely at night. We know you worry about your little loved one while you're on vacation and we want you to know that we will hand feed and sit in their pens with them if they seem a little lonely. We also post photos to Facebook to help ease your mind!


Our Doggie Day Care Guest go home tired and ready for a quiet evening at home.


If you request, we will gladly practice their obedience while visiting!

Therapy and Service Dog Training


  • Pet Therapy Teams: visiting residents and patients in medical facilities.

  • Service Dog: canines serving owners with medical needs.

  • Owner-trained therapy and assistance canines are an exciting alternative to institutional trained dogs and long waiting lists.

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